"I Love Italian Food"

Italian food and me.....

About a year and a half ago I set out to create my own personal website. Long and hard, I thought of several topics to cover because I wanted to create something very special. Something that was dear to me and something I could be proud of. Not just any old website!

Well, I chose to create a website about something Italian. Being an Italian-American and having a love for Italian culture, heritage and family, I knew I didn't have to look far. I had all I needed to create something very special right there in front of me. When you think of "Italian", one thinks immediately of great food. Food and family has always been the Italian way! Something I know quite a bit about!

With Mamma’s help, we gathered all her authentic Italian recipes. (That's Mamma over there on the right. Isn't she beautiful?)

Her own, as well as ones handed down to her from generation to generation. All the recipes she gathered through out the years, even some new ones we've found along the way.

I wanted to give friends and family the ability to peek into the kitchen of an Italian-American household where I can share with them the same wonderful meals that have graced my family's tables and filled our hearts with joy for so many years. I thought what better way to honor my parents, grandparents and all those who have shaped my life to what it is today. And so, mammas-italian-recipes.com was born!

It's been a wonderful journey of self discovery, great knowledge and most of all gratitude.

I will be adding new recipes often as I continue to build my website. Feel free to let me know how I am doing too! All feedback is welcome!

Ciao and I hope you enjoy my website!

Lou Etergineoso

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