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Welcome to Uncle Tony’s Online Deli where you can find the finest Imported Italian Food. Here you will find some of the freshest ingredients and products to help you prepare your favorite Italian meals.

As you may know, New York has some of the world’s finest Italian Markets, importing products daily from various regions of Italy. Some of the best markets can be found along Arthur Ave. in the Bronx, “Little Italy” and specialty markets all across areas in Brooklyn and Queens, even reaching out into areas of Long Island. You never have to travel too far to find the best Italian foods.

As a kid living in Brooklyn, my mother or grandmother would give my brother and I a few dollars and a list and tell us to run down to the Deli on the corner. Usually, it was to pick up fresh Italian bread and meats for Sunday sauce. We would race on over and hand the list to the person behind the counter. They knew us by name and would always give us a chunk of cheese or a few slices of salami to eat while we waited. I can remember the wonderful aromas of fresh bread baking in the back, the dried salamis and cheeses hanging from the ceiling, the saw dust on the floor….

That was then….this is now! Welcome to the age of the Internet and Uncle Tony’s online Deli. Although there is no experience quite like shopping New York’s finest Italian markets, I make every effort to bring you the finest, freshest Italian food I can find online.

In partnership with, Uncle Tony’s Deli has carefully chosen some of the finest Imported Italian Food products on the market today. Ordered through Amazon’s secure order server and delivered straight to your door, you’ll be able to find everything you need to create that perfect Italian meal.


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