Mamma's Italian Soup Recipes

There is nothing like great Italian soup recipes to warm your heart and feed your soul, especially on a cold winter’s day.

Whether as an appetizer or a main dish, you will find these wonderful recipes comforting and a real joy to eat.

A well stocked pantry is a good place to start for making a hearty homemade soup. Mamma’s pantry is filled with plenty of goodies and she is always prepared for any occasion.

A good stock or broth, flavorful ingredients, and the right seasonings can create a tasty pot of soup. Taking advantage of fresh seasonal ingredients is best, but using canned or frozen vegetables and refrigerated leftovers can work out just fine.

From the basic stock, you can vary your soup by adding your favorite vegetables, pasta or rice. Just cook up a big batch and you’ve got dinner and tomorrow’s lunch. Mmmm….Mmmm….Good!

Great for fall and winter, warm their tummies with these marvelous Italian soups.

Buon Appetito!

Beef Soup

Lentil Soup

Italian Wedding Soup

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